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Bulgaria , Monday 19 February 2018

News Bulgaria » Culture: Watch the Documentary Movie For Dobri Dobrev - a Bulgarian Man Known For His Extreme Generosity

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

Although he shied away from popular culture, he became an internet star as fans set up ... His name, which comes from the Bulgarian word for "good", has also become a symbol of goodness for many disillusioned Bulgarians in a country rife with corruption ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Hungary on WARPATH: Bulgarian PM meets Orban in bids to defuse EU tensions

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Publication date: Sunday 18 February 2018

Mr Orban’s nationalist, right-wing, anti-Islamic rhetoric has become a thorn in the side of the bloc in recent years with tensions continuing to rise since Bulgaria’s presidency ... way for the decline of Christian culture and Islamic expansion ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Armenian-Bulgarian high-level talks held at Presidential Palace

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

the agreement on Regulation of Labor Migration between Armenia and Bulgaria, as well as the practical program on 2018-2020 Cooperation in the sphere of Culture between the Culture Ministries of Armenia and Bulgaria were signed. Armenian President Serzh ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Maverick Historian Dreams of Making Bulgaria ‘Great’

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 February 2018

Photo: Bulgarian National History Museum A bad case of flu at the ... “We can’t drag out this atrophied parliamentary system, where hairdressers become ministers of culture and sociologists become ministers of the interior. We will do it the way ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Feeling the Love in Macedonia

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Publication date: Friday 16 February 2018

Rachel wrote that, after her father had been taken to a forced-labor camp in Bulgaria and her 12-year-old brother planned ... true love of the Jewish culture that helped make up their history. Bitola’s history is inextricably linked with the Jewish ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: President Sargsyan hosts state dinner in honor of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

According to President Radev, the representatives of the Armenian community constitute an important part of Bulgaria’s social and political life. They have preserved their Armenian culture and identity; their professional achievements are the wealth of ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Chinese New Year celebrated in Bulgarian capital

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Publication date: Sunday 11 February 2018

said the artists from his city have prepared an original program that would reveal the specifics of Chinese culture. "Through it, we will encourage friendship between Ningbo city and Sofia," Han said. At the end of January, Bulgarian cities of Varna and ...

News Bulgaria » Culture: Bulgarian Foreign Ministry: Lukov March was demonstration of xenophobia, discrimination and hatred

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Publication date: Saturday 17 February 2018

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on February ... the combatting of violence and to disseminate the culture of peace, to consign gatherings like the Lukov March to the past, the statement said.

News Bulgaria » Culture: Top Billing: Show looks at '20s African-American culture

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Publication date: Friday 09 February 2018

During this event for all ages, learn about Brazil’s dynamic Afro-Bahian culture and samba reggae music through this ... “Arts of the Monsoon” from Oman on Mar. 1; and a film from Bulgaria to be announced on Mar. 8. Bent But Not Broken, at the ...