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Bulgaria , Monday 19 February 2018

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Gabrovo, Bulgaria 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Saturday 10 February 2018

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News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Welcome to Bulgaria's Gabrovo - Place of Origin of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff

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Publication date: Sunday 31 October 2010

Small wonder that besides being regarded as the world's capital of humor, it is the place of birth of many of Bulgaria's talented but prodigal children, including artist Christo Yavashev and Dilma Rousseff's father Peter. The citizens of Gabrovo have come ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Women in tech: Why Bulgaria and Romania are leading in software engineering

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Publication date: onday 12 June 2017

In central Bulgaria, in the town of Gabrovo, which prides itself on being an international capital of humor, Iva Kaneva wasn't joking when it came to programming. As a child, she drew her first triangles in Basic, her eyes riveted to the computer screen ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Future Euro Member Bulgaria Has Shriveled By Nearly 200 Villages In Recent Years

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Publication date: uesday 08 June 2010

The highest number of deserted villages can be found in Gabrovo region in northern Bulgaria where 61 villages have been completely abandoned. This is followed closely by the municipality of Veliko Turnovo, where 39 villages are deserted. Around Sofia ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Never Too Old: 78-Year-Old Starts First Grade in Bulgaria

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Publication date: Saturday 17 September 2011

The lifelong laborer, who lives alone, explains he’s ready for a life in the classroom. Stoyanov is enrolled alongside 430 other first graders in Gabrovo, studying primarily on his own but attending school to take quizzes and submit classwork.

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Take My Bulgarian Joke Book. Please.

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Publication date: uesday 07 October 2014

GABROVO, Bulgaria — The sign leading into town, faded but still readable in Bulgarian, was as I remembered it. “Welcome and good riddance,” it said. Gabrovians, like Borscht Belt comedians or Delaware Republicans, pride themselves on their sense of ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Real Estate Agents & Brokers

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Publication date: Wednesday 14 February 2018

We are selling different type of properties. houses villas lands apartments off plan projects... Bulgaria Central Properties Gabrovo, Bulgaria BCP is an estate agency based in Bulgaria, which aims to help foreigners find the property they are looking for ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Jeanne-Claude, 74; created vast fabric artworks with Christo

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Publication date: hursday 19 November 2009

Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon was born in Casablanca, Morocco, on June 13, 1935 -- exactly the same day Christo was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. (His full name is Christo Vladimirov Javacheff.) Her father was a general in the French army, and her ...

News Bulgaria » Gabrovo: Apostol Stoyanov, 78, starts first grade in Bulgaria

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Publication date: Sunday 18 September 2011

Last Thursday, 78-year-old Apostol Stoyanov celebrated his first day of school — ever. The Bulgarian man joined other first-grade students at a Bulgarian ... Stoyanov enrolled alongside 430 Gabrovo first-graders, but will study primarily on his own.