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Bulgaria , Monday 19 February 2018

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: More than 600 Snow- Cleaning Machines Are Taking Care For the Republican Roads

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Publication date: Saturday 10 February 2018

Most machines work in Northeastern Bulgaria - in the districts of Shumen, Varna, Dobrich and Silistra, and in the Rhodopes - in the districts of Smolyan, Pazardzhik and Kardzhali. Pavement processing continues to ensure safe travel in winter conditions.

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: Fighting to keep Bulgaria's wrestling heritage alive

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Publication date: Sunday 06 September 2015

Wrestling is the only sport 11-year-old Elis has ever done and she says she loves it [Mariya Petkova/Al Jazeera] Kardzhali, Bulgaria-Atalay Syuleyman started crying when he saw a wrestling mat spread out in front of him. A former wrestler, he hadn't seen ...

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: Velocity Extends East Zone Discovery at Rozino Gold Project, Southeast BulgariaMineralization Remains Open for Further Expansion

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Publication date: Sunday 04 February 2018

Velocity Minerals has entered into a number of option agreements with Gorubso Kardzhali A.D. ("Gorubso'), an established and respected mining company in Bulgaria. Gorubso operates the underground Chala Gold Mine (2006) and the Kardzhali Carbon In Leach ...

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: Velocity Minerals: exciting gold play in Bulgaria

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 September 2017

Velocity is aligned with private Bulgarian gold miner Gorubso Kardzhali {owner of the optioned projects and the only company in Bulgaria with a permit for cyanide-related processing of gold ores}. Gorubso has been producing from its high-grade ...

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: Ergodan referendum splits Bulgaria's Turks

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Publication date: onday 10 April 2017

Last month, UP supporters blocked key crossing points on the Turkish border to prevent ethnic Turks from returning to Bulgaria to vote in the election. All this has added to a growing sense of unease and mistrust in Kardzhali's Muslim-populated villages ...

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: Bulgaria and Greece agree on Makaza border crossing

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Publication date: Friday 30 August 2013

Sofia. Bulgaria and Greece have agreed to open the road through the Makaza border crossing for vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tones. The border crossing's opening is scheduled for September 9, the governor of Kardzhali Bisser Nikolov informed. The date was ...

News Bulgaria » Kardzhali: PRESS DIGEST - Bulgaria - April 3

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Publication date: onday 02 April 2012

Bulgaria’s unemployment rate stood at 12.4 percent in February, compared to 12.2 in January and 11.1 percent in February 2011, Eurostat data showed (Klasa, 24 Chasa, Trud, Sega, Presa, Duma). - Workers from OTZK Kardzhali, Bulgaria’s second-largest ...